train derailment

Well that escalated quickly…Chicago Train Derails and Mounts Escalator

At 2.50am Monday 24th March, a Blue Line train derailed, mounting the platform and climbing the escalator at Chigago O’Hare International Airport, one of the busiest stations in America.32 people were injured in the incident, though miraculously no one was killed.

One passenger said they ‘heard a boom’ as the train collided with the platform, and that when they got off the train is was part way up the escalator.

What caused the train to derail is, as of yet, uncertain. Reports today from the NTSB claim that the train was travelling at the correct speed as it entered the platform, however there are rumours that the driver,who had been working a long shift after extensive overtime over the last week, may have fallen asleep at the controls.

A temporary bus service has been put in place whilst the platform is under repair.